As we embrace the warmer weather and longer days, many of us are looking for ways to enhance our outdoor spaces. Marco, a talented member of the Tinkerly community, has taken outdoor DIY projects to a whole new level with his high-quality cornhole boards.

Located in Massachusetts, Marco’s passion for woodworking and craftsmanship shines through in his creations. Unlike typical yard DIY projects, Marco’s cornhole boards are a testament to his dedication to quality and attention to detail.

What sets Marco’s boards apart is not just their durability and professional finish, but he also customizes them for each person or small business he creates them for. In the corner of that image is a laser engraver, for which he made a custom vent for and is the key to his customization wizardry. Through Tinkerly, Marco generously shares the step-by-step process of how he creates these boards, inspiring others to try their hand at creating their own high-quality outdoor projects.

Beyond sharing his expertise, Marco also sells his boards to local small businesses, adding a personal touch to yards and gatherings throughout Massachusetts. You may even see them for sale on Tinkerly in the near future!

As we transition into the outdoor season, Marco’s story serves as a reminder that with creativity and skill, DIY projects can elevate our outdoor spaces to new heights of quality and enjoyment.

Join us in celebrating Marco’s craftsmanship and dedication to quality DIY projects. Check out his profile and projects on Tinkerly, and get inspired to create your own outdoor masterpiece! You should also visit his website, to see some of his other impressive creations from chacuterie boards to coffee tables and more, and follow him on Instagram @olivetreewoodworking!

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