Tinkerly – Your Ultimate DIY Companion

Tinkerly is here to help creators with any project, from start to finish.


We have a user-friendly interface to guide you through the entire DIY journey, below are a few of our favorite features to unleash your creative potential


Activity Feed

Scroll and engage with the fellow DIYers


Project Portfolio

All your projects in one place


Plan Creation

Create stunning plans with Tinkerly Wizard


Virtual Workshop

Manage your tools and supplies



Buy and sell project plans and more



Stay up to date in real time


Cross Platform

iOS, Android, and Web



And More!

Many other features to explore

Sneak Peak

Tinkerly empowers DIY enthusiasts with a comprehensive platform to inspire, create, document, and share their projects, all while connecting with a vibrant community


Create a Project

Projects are the lifeblood of DIYers. Start your Tinkerly journey by creating a project.


Get Inspired

What inspires you?

Inspiration comes in many forms – Tinkerly allows you to find many types of inspiration to your project, including:

  • Projects
  • Project Plans
  • Videos
  • Images
Where do you save your inspiration?

Gone are the days of fumbling between different apps, your photo gallery, or bookmarks to find that inspiration for your project. Now you can keep it all together with your project, on Tinkerly.

Flexible Planning

What tools & supplies will you need?

Tools & supplies can be added from the Tinkerly database or manually entered. If you find a tool that you need, but don’t have, Tinkerly will point you in the right direction.

Need a project plan?

Feel free to browse Tinkerly for the perfect step-by-step plan for your project, or use the Tinkerly Plan Wizard to create your own. Then, link it to your project and start building.

Not into plans?

Not everyone needs a plan. If that’s you, skip this and start building!


Document Your Journey

We have a slew of features to make the building process fun and exciting for you and the community


Capture and store photos and videos of your project as you go, including before and after photos.

Tools & Supplies

Let people know what tools and supplies you used on your project… or wait until they ask!


Highlight significant milestones in your journey and share them with the community. Us DIYers love seeing final products, but we’re really in it for the entire journey. Tinkerly is here to help you tell that story.

Project Families

Link related projects to create a holistic view of your amazing work.

Get Support

If you hit a roadbump in your project, create a post and lean on the community for help.

Be Entrepreneurial

Create and Sell Project Plans
  • Tinkerly Plan Creation Wizard
  • PDF Plan Upload
  • Collaborate with Others
  • Publish to Tinkerly Store
  • and more!


Sell Digital Files
  • 3D Printing Files
  • CAD Design Files
  • and more!


Earn Affiliate Commissions
  • Integrate affiliate links in virtual workshop and project plans


Grow Your Audience
  • Share your YouTube Videos
  • Augment your reels
  • Connect and collaborate with other creators



Creative Hub

How many people will you inspire?

Manage Your Creations

All your projects, plans, posts and videos right at your fingertips.

Build a Virtual Workshop

Stock up on tools, materials and supplies to include with your projects and plans.

Track Your Orders

Any plan or digital file you found in the Tinkerly store will be right here when you need it.

Keep a Shopping List

Keep track of any tools or supplies you need and bring it with you to the big box store when you shop for your next project. There’s a chance you make less trips!

And more!

Your Ultimate DIY Companion

We don’t all DIY the same way, but Tinkerly offers the flexibility to DIY your way, from start to finish.


Tinkerly is a cross-platform app ready to help whether you are:

  • Couch surfing for ideas
  • Documenting projects in the workshop
  • Checking off items at your big box store
  • Fine tuning your project plan in the office
  • And everywhere in between

Available on Mobile, Tablet, and Web


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